About Me

My healing journey began in Dublin five years ago, when a serious knee injury severely curtailed my independence. I struggled to walk, was in constant pain and on strong medication.


Following endless cycles of GP visits and trying new medication, I decided to look into the benefits of alternative therapies, learned about diet, exercise regimes and began to practice daily meditation. Positive changes began to happen and GP visits and breaks from medication became less frequent.

Twelve months later, my husband began working in France. Although I loved the cut and thrust of my job in Dublin working with senior barristers, the lure of a warm climate and a fresh beginning was strong. Our son David had already found his wings and flown the nest, so we rolled with our new-found positivity and decided to make France our home full-time. 

I am a strong believer that positive energy feeds your soul

When settled in Nice, I received a present of a Reiki healing as a birthday treat. During the healing, it felt as if a fog had lifted and something new had awakened inside. I wanted to learn more. I trained with a gifted Reiki Master and am now a Level I and II practitioner.

The biggest surprise for me, asides from the positive effects Reiki has had on my well-being, is an innate desire to share this glorious gift and help bring about improved health, happiness and positivity to others. I am a true believer that there is nothing more powerful than learning to heal from within.